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Friesen Gallery

Friesen Gallery now celebrates over 25 years as a premiere gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho. 

Positioned in this destination world-renowned resort area of great beauty and strong community, Friesen Gallery exclusively exhibits contemporary paintings, glass and sculpture. This stunning location in the heart of the Sawtooth Mountain Range provides Friesen a stimulating environment from which to represent talented artists creating in studios throughout the country. With a reputation for mounting remarkable exhibitions by significant artists who share a similar passion and integrity, Friesen Gallery sees the connection and importance of art, something enriching the life of every person. Friesen staff shares this philosophy and enjoys working with collectors whether they are beginners or experts in the field of art appreciation. Following a mission to represent contemporary artists who continually push themselves with intelligent and intriguing results, Friesen is committed to supporting its artists in their professional growth. Private and corporate clients appreciate on many levels this deep commitment to artistic forethought. Until your next visit to Sun Valley, you are invited to explore herein the vision and artists represented by Friesen Gallery.

"Life without art is a mistake." -Nietzsche

Sun Valley Gallery Association Member

Sun Valley Gallery Association Member

While Sun Valley is known worldwide as a summer and winter destination for outdoor recreation, we also boast a sophisticated art scene. Those who live and visit here have come to expect a high caliber of art from SVGA galleries, and we proudly work hard to meet those expectations. Each year SVGA hosts nine gallery walks (exhibition openings for all SVGA galleries), which are eagerly anticipated and free to the public. Locals and visitors alike take in thought-provoking exhibitions of newly installed art, enjoy wine, mingle with friends, and often meet the artists.

Friesen Gallery Staff

Cameron Bouiss
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Andria Friesen
Andria Friesen friesen@friesengallery.com

Friesen Gallery once again has boots on the ground. Joe De La Serna was the founding director of Friesen Seattle when the Washington gallery opened in 1990 and he now serves as Friesen’s Seattle principal. With the return of De La Serna, Friesen’s Seattle presence has been restored albeit without the brick and mortar, which closed in 2013 after 23 exciting years. De La Serna is available for home, office and yacht consultations.  Virtual 'installations' and art placement are swiftly and professionally provided thereafter.  Entry into Artist Studios not open to the public (in the greater Seattle area) is another service readily available and enthusiastically provided.
Additionally, the advent of our computer savvy population allows Friesen Seattle to provide an exciting and accessible virtual gallery experience simply by visiting friesengallery.com. Thirty years representing impressive artists from the Northwest and throughout the nation allows visitors to explore and navigate with ease through the artists’ statements, biographies, and news of interest, as well as to view available works and previews of new exhibitions – all on this website.
Joe De La Serna’s dedication and longevity in the art world has created many facets to his abilities and the reviews on his client relationships and satisfaction are exceptional.


... on Andria Friesen

“Andria’s good taste is exceeded only by her energy and her dedication to the world of art."

~ Steve Wynn, hotelier and art collector

“It is of utmost importance to have a gallery’s support and enthusiasm when an artist makes a shift in his style and direction. Friesen Gallery has been unparalleled in the 20+ years we have been working together, and for that my respect and appreciation are immense."

~ William Morris, artist

“Andria has consistently enriched our lives with excellent exhibitions in Seattle and Sun Valley. Absolutely memorable were Speak for the Trees and Seeds of Compassion. She is impossible to capture in only one sentence.”

~ Elizabeth and Richard Hedreen, art collectors

“Twenty-five years of getting to know Andria Friesen has been an eventful, significant, and always, always changing adventure. Our relationship stretches beyond an artist and his dealer, dispelling the taboo of ‘mixing business with friendship’, as I have been privileged to both witness and share Andria’s aesthetic, intellectual, and personal growth. She is an unrelenting and inventive thinker. She is a persistent muse.  I fully expect the next 25 years of knowing Andria Friesen to be no less remarkable."

~ Lawrence Fodor, artist