Lino Tagliapietra

Lino Tagliapietra - OSTUNI

Artist Statement

The Maestro Lino Tagliapietra is an influential Italian glass artist and a glassmaker master who is recognized for his skills and talents throughout the world. The Master expresses his own forms of creativity through the design and execution of models with high, technical, and aesthetic quality. Lino is an inspiration to artists and art collectors, and his unique pieces are reflections of his passion for the material.

Tagliapietra was born in Murano, Venice, home of the well-known Venetian glass. He has been fascinated by this art from a very young age and throughout the years has gained more and more expertise, skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the craft. He started working glass at the age of 11, and everybody could already see the zeal he had. Tagliapietra was really passionate for his job, and at the age of 21 he gained the title of Maestro. The artist has been working on the island of Murano for several years where he discovered and learned various techniques and ways of production, but what gave him the chance of reinventing himself, taking risks, and becoming the famous artist we all know was his first trip to the United States.

1979 was the turning point: Lino, without speaking a word of English, took a plane for the first time. He was invited to give a glassblowing demonstration at the Pilchuck School of Glass, an occasion that gave him the chance to be discovered by American artists. His works of art, expertise, and knowledge amazed everyone. On the other side, the artist was impressed by the lack of tradition and background in the American glass culture, but he was astonished by the freedom of their production and the lack of constraints. This event had a great impact on Lino’s works: it was the beginning of a new era, the start of a new collaboration between the Muranese world and the American one. Everyone in the USA craved this knowledge, therefore a lot of artists started to follow Lino’s instructions taught in his poor English mixed with the Venetian dialect.

The 80’s can be considered as the time of transitions, when the artist approached a new way of creation and experimentation characterized by fervor for innovation. From that time on he has mastered the techniques and the traditions of the renowned Italian expertise and he has blended this with his own imagination and passion. This is what has made him the artist we know. He has taught in many different schools in the United States and all over the world to give hints and piece of information to his fellows and to keep alive the millennial history of art glass. In 1998 he opened his own studio in Murano, but he has always been travelling primarily to North America where he has been creating his unique pieces of art – like the famous Masai, Alas, Fenice, and panels. Throughout the years the artist has continued to find new solutions and approach a never-ending creative process.

Lino’s products are exhibited through North America, Europe, and Asia and are installed in recognized museums and art galleries. He has gained honors, awards, and recognition. He is a teacher, an artist, a creator, a mentor in the glass world… He is The Maestro.

Behind the artist we know, there is a nice quiet, calm, and enthusiastic person whose personality always touches the heart of those who can meet him. His passion for the glass world mirrors his passion for life.

Quoting the Master is the right way to fully grasp his passion for the material: “Glass is a wonderful material. Why? Because the glass is alive. Even when it is cool, it is still moving. It is connected with fire, it is connected with water, it is so natural. Glass is my life.”




Sun Valley, USA – Friesen Gallery

Venice – Aperto Vetro

Bellevue, USA – Bellevue Art Museum

Venice, Italy – Biennale di Venezia

Pittsburgh, USA – Carnegie Museum of Art

Norfolk, USA – Chrysler Museum of Art

Columbia, USA – Columbia Museum

Columbus, USA – Columbus Museum of Art

Corning, USA – Corning Museum of Glass

Copenhagen, The Netherlands – Danish Royal Museum

Dayton, USA – The Dayton Art Institute

Detroit, USA – The Detroit Institute of Art

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Brockton, USA – Fuller Museum of Art

Ebeltoft, Denmark – Galsmuseum

Sapporo, Japan – Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art

Chattanooga, USA - Hunter Art Museum

San Francisco, USA – The Jewish Museum

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Takane-cho, Japan – Kitazawa Museum of Arts

San Francisco – USA – M.H. de Young Memorial Museum

Manhattan, USA – Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art

Chicago, USA – Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art

New York, USA – The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Charlotte, USA – Mint Museum of Craft and Design

Montgomery, USA – Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Losanna, Switzerland – Musee des Arts Decoratifs

Paris, France – Musee des Arts Decoratifs

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Washington State University, Pullman, USA – Museum of Art

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Palo Alto, USA – Stanford University

Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo National Modern Art Museum

Toledo, USA – Toledo Museum of Art

Toyama, Japan – Toyama City Institute of Glass

London, UK – Victoria and Albert Museum 



Visionary Award, ArtPalmBeach, FL, USA - 2013

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass Honors Award, USA – 2013

Phoenix Award, USA – 2012

Master of Medium Award, James Renwick Alliance, Washington DC - 2011

Honorary Degree, Doctor of Fine Arts, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH – 2011

Master Teacher/Master Artist, Hite Art Institute, University of Louisville, KY, USA – 2010

The IIC Lifetime Achievement Award, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Los Angeles, CA, USA – 2009

Cristal Award, Museo del Vidrio, Monterrey, Mexico - 2007

Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Cambridge, MA, USA – 2007

Distinguished Educator Award, James Renwick Alliance associated with the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington D.C., USA – 2006

Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, Centre College, Danville, KY, USA – 2004

The President’s Distinguished Artist Award, University of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA, USA  – 2004

Artist as Hero Award, National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, PA, USA – 2004

Artist Visionaries! Lifetime Achievement Award, Museum of Arts & Design, NY, USA – 2004

Metal for Excellence in Craft Award, The Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA, USA – 2001

Humana Distinguished Professor, Centre College, Danville, KY, USA – 2000

Libensky Award, Chateau Ste Michelle Vineyards and Winery and Pilchuck Glass School, WA, USA – 1998

Glass Art Society Lifetime Achievement Award, USA - 1997

Urkunde Goldmedaille, Germany – 1997

Venezia Aperto Vetro, Guest of Honour, invited guest, Venice, Italy – 1996, 1998

Rakow Commission for Excellence in Glass Award, The Corning Museum of Glass,Corning, NY, USA – 1996

UrbanGlass Award for Preservation of Glassblowing Techniques, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 1996

Independent artist – 1989

Artistic and Technical Director, Effetre International, Murano, Italy – 1976-89

Grand Prix in lighting, Barcelona Trade Fair, Barcelona, Spain – 1972

Borsella d’Oro Award, Murano, Italy – 1968

Cofounder and chief maestro at La Murrina, Murano, Italy – 1968-76

Venini & Co., Murano, Italy - 1966-68

Achieves status of Maestro – 1956

Achieves status of Maestrino – 1955

Vetreria Galliano Ferro, Murano, Italy – 1955-65