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Artist Statement

I started making art when I was 15. Before that I was so shy that it was often crippling. I was constantly afraid of saying and doing the wrong thing. Art provided me with a respite from the social anxiety and an avenue that allowed me to explore my voice. Art helped me channel the more neurotic, obsessive aspects of my personality into something that was healthy and productive. In my work, even when something isn’t working out, and I’m unhappy with what I’ve done, I know the problem is solvable. And there’s a trust there that I don’t naturally have in the rest of my life. I want one day to live my life the way I do my art.

In my art, I like using similar patterns to create different pieces. I like working with one idea over and over again until I’ve exhausted it. I like playing with size, color, and placement and seeing how each tweak transforms an idea. I like then putting an idea on the shelf and coming back to it and seeing if I can transform it again. Again this is often in sharp contrast to our culture, which is so fueled by attention deficit disorder, jumping from one thing to the other without ever reaching the depths of an idea. The fact that each piece takes so long to complete serves as a safeguard in the rest of my life. It helps me remember that things take time, a fact that’s easy to forget in the digital age.

I’m interested in creating multiple layers in my pieces so that the viewer has to really look at a work in order to experience it as a whole. Each time someone looks at a piece they may discover another part or another dimension. Each work ideally requires the viewer’s time and full attention.

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Isabella Huffington (b. 1991, Los Angeles)


Yale University, Bachelor of Arts, 2014

Solo Exhibitions

2015 COCO-MAT, New York, NY

2013 Ports 1961, New York, NY

2010 The William Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Group Exhibitions

2015 Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

2015 Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID

2013 Gerson Zevi, New Haven, CT



    April 28, 2015

    Exhibition on view through 30 June 2015 Isabella Huffington began making art when she was 15 years old. She graduated in 2014 from Yale University ...

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