William Morris SVPN Magazine Interview

March 01, 2013


SVPN Magazine / March 2013

Sun Valley, Idaho


Now at 5+ years of retirement, has this period been as you envisioned?

As was my prior life, retirement is not as I envisioned. I am not that clever nor have the foresight to see how interesting and wonderful life can be as it unfolds.

Do you ever miss the glass-blowing pad or

the heat of the glory hole furnace?

Certainly, like reminiscing about an old romance, there are moments of nostalgia surrounding it, but nothing that has been strong enough to draw me back into it.


What are your thoughts on the works of contemporary glass

being created by the new glass blowing generation?

I am honestly not very in touch or current with what is being made, but what I have seen is that the skill and vision seems to be evolving.

It’s been a few years since you lived in Sun Valley,

what comes to mind now when you reflect on this area?

I have been returning to the Wood River Valley and the Sawtooths every summer and I still have a deep bond with the area and my friends that are there.


We realize that you seldom grant interviews, what best question would you like us to pose to you?

Asking me why I don’t grant more interviews.


Recognizing you are an extreme adventurer, what scares you most?

Not being able to experience my adventures.


Do you have a Bucket List?

My bucket list starts with each day that I get up .

Have you designated a William Morris Canopic Jar or Cinerary Urn

for your remains?

I am sure there will be something kicking around the studio to serve that purpose when the time comes, but I have not specifically chosen anything.