Dougherty creates sculpture for Sun Valley

July 01, 2010

Dougherty, internationally recognized, and featured in the Friesen book SPEAK FOR THE TREES, uses local materials for his sculptures and draws from architectural or physical elements that are already present on a property. In the case of the work for the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, the site across from the U.S. Post Office is an open, flat lot with no recognizable elements other than the expectation that The Center will utilize that space for a new building in the future. Dougherty latched onto the idea of a new arts center, and built three round rooms that connect with one another, just as rooms in a museum are linked together. For this sculpture, "Center Piece", all materials were harvested from just south of Bellevue, Idaho. Andria Friesen was honored to introduce Patrick Dougherty at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts for his lecture on this sculpture and his career.