About the Artist


Mark Rediske

Mark Rediske earned his MA in painting from St. Cloud State in Minnesota in 1985. His muted palette reveals increasingly abstracted and gestural imagery in a series of timelessly elegant works. Rediske is interested in the malleable and transparent qualities of wax that he uses to create meticulously layered works in oil pastel and encaustic. Building up color and wax allows for a constructive and destructive process as Rediske abstracts the picture plane by drawing on and scratching away the surface of each piece. 

Rediske says of his creative process, 'I draw my inspiration in part from the timeless belief that nature has both a physical presence and a spiritual identity. Ideally, I see my paintings as a bridge between the natural world and archetypal symbols of rebirth and evolution. In this regard I feel a great affinity with the iconography of ancient civilizations.'

Mark Rediske was selected by the Seattle Art Dealers Association (SADA) to be a part of the Century 21 exhibit at the Wright Exhibition Space in Seattle in 2008.


Artist Statement

The year is 1968 and I am sitting in my seventh-grade lecture hall class titled “Art Appreciation.” If the demeanor of my Hazel Park, St. Paul, MN middle school compatriots could be used as any kind of barometer, the appreciation was decidedly, subpar at best. And then it happened, the instructor began showing images of Joseph Mallard William Turner’s paintings. I had my young epiphany of aesthetic beauty: of art and nature as transcendent, majestic, cogent and awe-inspiring. So, there in a hideously overcrowded junior high, where many of the windows had been covered in plywood because of the handiwork of vandals; one painfully thin fourteen-year-old boy, desperately waiting to see who he might be, had a glimpse of the sublime. I have never forgotten that moment and that place.

This body of work is an amalgamation of my esteem for Turner, the influences of growing up in Minnesota (land of 10,000 lakes and panoramic vistas) and my current regard for the natural wonders and resplendent beauty of the Pacific Northwest.