About the Artist


Patrick Hall

Patrick Hall started working in clay at age 14 and quickly fell in love with the medium. He honed his technical skills as a production potter for the next five years and then earned a B.A. in Studio Art / Ceramics at UCSB in 1982, and an MFA in 1984. In 1986, Patrick Established Design Associates, a Design / Build firm specializing in Architecture, Interiors / Furniture Design, Custom Millwork and Building Contracting. After 28 years running a successful Design / Build firm, he returned to his first love of clay. In 2013 Patrick designed, built and established Clay Studio in Goleta California, a ceramic studio where he works and shares his passion for clay with other ceramic enthusiasts by teaching and promoting ceramic arts in the community.

Artist Statement


My aesthetic concerns revolve around an object’s presence, its posture, how the object affects or commands the space around it, its function and efficiency in articulating itself as well as where it fits into the heredity of its genre. These principals apply to the design of a house or a humble tea bowl and everything in between. The work at its best reveals what and how the material best expresses itself through the making process without ornamentation or fussiness. Directness, contrast, organized, contextual, resolved, contemplative are qualities I pursue for my work.