About the Artist


Photo by Amina Cruz 

As a visual artist, Phranc has adopted the moniker “The Cardboard Cobbler.” Focused on raising consciousness, provoking discussion, stimulating memories, and creating laughter, Phranc’s goal as a visual artist is to delight the eye and inspire the mind. Phranc champions humor and the Pop tradition of making the everyday object exceptional. Using found cardboard, paper bags, Kraft paper, and paint, the artist’s three-dimensional, life size sculptures literally sew together issues of personal identity, American popular culture and politics with the thread of Phranc’s grandmother’s sewing machine. 



Artist Statement: The Great Outdoors


Works from The Great Outdoors
Photo by Amina Cruz

"A new high in vacation pleasure," "For all that's fun under the sun," exclaim the tourist brochures of yore. These paper sculptures are intended to evoke the delight of a hole-in-one, a dip in the pool, fishing in an icy stream, or hiking a rugged trail. Let's dance the Hokey Pokey and escape from a world of worry. Let a paper lifejacket save you from yourself. Here's to summer in Sun Valley. Welcome to The Great Outdoors!

XXX Phranc

— PHRANC, MAY 2018