About the Artist


Coinciding with the start of summer is a debut of dimensional mixed media works by collaborators Susan Russell Hall + Terry Rishel. The artists were introduced by a mutual colleague who perceived the potential of pairing their work. Their parallel aesthetics and an inherent love of photography, encaustics, and paint have blended to create a body of exquisite, collaborative works. Exploring traditional subjects in a contemporary light, these panels call attention to nature that most people might walk past.        
         “Instead of painting big grand scenes, we decided to study the scenes people take for granted,” Rishel says. “The funny thing is, to me, these actually are grand scenes. There is such beauty and majesty in nature.”
         Created through a combination of photography, wax, and paint, these natural scenes exude a profound sense of dimensionality and depth.
         “The most important part of these works is not the wax or the photography, I believe it is the painting,” Rishel states. “Susan is consumed in her detail and using her 1mm brush she can put in 30-40 hours on one section of work. We want viewers to feel like they could walk into that landscape.”
         Friesen Gallery encourages you to visit and pay homage to the forest this season through S. Russell Hall + T. Rishel's immersive collaboration.