Anna Skibska

Light Bearer | Shadow Player

December 2019

About the Exhibition

Anna Skibska is an innovator in the world of glassmaking, utilizing her signature technique to capture, bend and stretch light through the medium of glass.  Skibska is fascinated by the paradox of light’s inherent traits creating the ability to see, yet also holding the potential to blind.  Skibska explores this phenomenon creating a dynamic play between darkness, light and shadow.

The artist's work bridges the worlds of architecture, line drawing and sculpture.  Her works possess structural ingenuity, linear fluidity and expressive freedom.  With her skillful use of an acetylene torch, Skibska manipulates glass rods into fine intertwining threads, creating translucent ethereal webs of gravity defying forms.

"My primary medium as a sculptor is thinking--specifically about space and light, and the material that best embodies my thoughts is predominantly glass.  I like to wrap space, embrace time, and trap light, working on them simultaneously from the same beginning."