05 July 2019

About the Exhibition

Wednesday, 03 July 2019 | 4:00-5:30PM

Opening Reception:
Friday, 05 July 2019 | 5:00-8:00PM

Husband and wife, Gregory Grenon and Mary Josephson, have collaborated for a unique mixed media exhibition premiering animals as their subjects. Known nationally for their expressive human portraits, this exhibition will be a major expansion of their recognizable canons. Titled A New Story Begins, the exhibition treads the line between real and magical, simple and complex, and explores how humans are connected to every living creature. Each painting is distinctive, has its own narrative and its own life. Grenon and Josephson use numerous mediums to create and enhance their emotive portraits. A New Story Begins will celebrate animals of all kinds in vibrant oil, enamel, embroidery, glass beads, mosaic and more.

M A R Y   J O S E P H S O N

My work is about connections, how we are connected to each other and every living creature. Through a portrait reflecting character and humanity of an individual person, coupled with our connection to animals, the beasts in the fields, the wild creatures roaming free and our beloved companions, our pets playing a secondary role.

The idea for this exhibition came from a desire to shift the gaze and focus and importance of our work from people to the animals we share the planet with. To linger longer over their facial features, noticing them as unique as human features and realizing how important a part animals play enriching the fabric of our lives and the health of our world.

I enjoy working in a variety of mediums within each exhibition, included in this show are mosaics, oil and mosaic on wood, oil paintings, embroidery on tapestry and works on paper. My work often crosses from the real to the magical, especially in our relationship with creatures. The image of a woman and a tethered moth, embroidery and glass bead on tapestry, entitled “Mischievous Kite”, (above) is a fine example. Another way of working is tromp ‘oil, I paint a painting with oil paint and then cover a portion of the work with glass. As the viewer approaches the artwork the eye reads the piece as a complete work, only when coming very close can one see the true nature of the surface.

G R E G O R Y   G R E N O N

Every painting is different, has it’s own narrative, it’s own life. My process can be compared to lithography–using the flat side of clear glass to paint with greasy oil sticks and oil paint and then flipping it over so what the viewer sees is the exact reverse or what I painted. It is a wonderful surprise.

My inspiration for this exhibition comes from those around me (any living creature) full and standing or full frontal heads and or profile. Emotion.

My mediums are truly any thing I can draw or paint with (oil, enamel, litho-crayons, oil sticks or pencils, things that stick to glass, Plexiglas, vinyl, pocket watches clocks, paintbrushes, fingers, etc.,) and each one is different or new and that keeps me going.

To date I have painted this way since 1973. I started calling myself an artist in 1968 when I took my first class in lithography. After becoming an expert in stone and plate lithography as well as etching on copper and zinc.  I became a painter from canvas; I went to painting on glass in 1973.