We Are in the Landscape

march 2020

About the Exhibition

Based on the global environmental crisis, Rachel Brumer’s newest body of work is a poetic demonstration of the beauty of the Earth and human responsibility. Brumer is renowned for her rich layering of textures and ever evolving language of shapes. Utilizing Van Dyke printed photography, thread, ink, dye, and wax, the artist rubs, embroiders, silkscreens, drips, quilts, draws, and appliques imagined landscapes.



"Most landscapes refer to particular geographic locations – my landscapes do not. Rather, they are fragments of nature and human existence, recomposed as scenes that reveal the layers of association that mind and memory build. Thus, an arc of earth may hold continents of flowers, rich soil, and an extended hand.

I began this body of work a few years ago when I moved to a 14-mile long island in the Pacific Northwest. There, I see the edge of the earth every day. In these works, I cover continents with gold paint and then scratch the gilded surfaces. The marks suggest scars, migration paths, and the routes that humans and animals trace as part of their everyday activities.

The collage elements are made using a variety of surface design techniques, materials, and mark-making to create tension among those elements. I use walnut ink, dried pigment, dyes and paints, the Vandyke photo process, and thread. I also use a reverse printmaking discharge technique, specifically for fiber, which leaves a skeleton image of the object placed on the surface.

By altering the scale of the elements in these scenes, I want to illuminate the complex relationships between humans and the earth and the ways in which we are reshaping nature. I also hope to encourage us all to see, understand, and act to protect the earth."